Seaweed Farming: Testing Seaweed Twine Seeder Prototype in The Open Sea

14 02 2023

The journey to Seaweed Solutions was a challenging experience, but it also showcased the potential of technology and innovation in the seaweed industry. Our team recently embarked on a journey to test a prototype of the vectorizing machine for seaweed farming at Seaweed Solutions. It was an exciting and challenging experience that showcased the potential of technology and innovation in the seaweed industry.

Our journey started with a planned visit to the Nordic SeaFarm in Sweden, where our team of Metal Production engineers had to measure the deck of the ship that would eventually be home to the co-developed equipment. While at the farm, the team also visited a marine laboratory on the open sea. The visit was crucial for the engineers to gain a better understanding of the environment and conditions that the equipment would be operating in.

Next, the team traveled to Norway to assist with the installation of industrial equipment and consult with another Metal Production client near the Sweden border. The objective was to consult and check the quality of production, however, due to confidentiality agreements, the client’s name cannot be disclosed.

On Thursday evening the team had just completed their work for the day and were wrapping up when they received a call from Seaweed Solutions. The company informed the team that they would be sailing on Friday and Saturday. With the weather clear and the end of the cultivation season approaching, the team had to act fast and make the journey from the top of Norway to Froya.

During the car journey, the team encountered many challenges along the way, from wild animals on the road to changing road conditions and temperature differences. As they traveled deeper into the country, the temperature dropped dramatically and reached -18°C. As they got closer to the coast, the temperature slowly started to rise and eventually reached +3°C near the sea.

Upon arrival, the team faced a setback when they discovered that the equipment had been damaged during transportation. Despite this setback, the team of Metal Production engineers were quick to think on their feet and manually adjust the speed of the prototype.

With the machine ready, the team set sail to test the equipment in the open sea, where Seaweed Solutions first demonstrated their traditional manual seaweed cultivation process. This process was carried out by experienced cultivators who have been working in the seaweed industry for many years. The demonstration was both informative and impressive, but it was also clear that the team’s prototype had the potential to revolutionize the industry. After the demonstration, the team tested the prototype, and the difference was significant. The team planted three lines of seaweed in different ways, observing the results in the spring. The team is eagerly awaiting the results in the spring, which will provide valuable insights into the potential of technology and innovation in the seaweed industry.

The results of the tests will play a crucial role in the development and future of the seaweed industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our team is dedicated to using the latest technologies and innovations to improve the efficiency, quality, and growth of the seaweed industry, and this journey was just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments in the seaweed industry.