About Us

JSC Sirputis is a Norwegian capital company, established in 2019. The major shareholder of JSC Sirputis – Norwegian company Valinor AS, which invests in clean technologies and engineering offshore solutions to ensure rational use of natural resources, energy, and protection of environmental quality.

Sirputis specializes in sustainable seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing technologies to improve seaweed farming all around the world.  The main uniqueness of Sirputis is the entirety of all steps, we provide support for seaweed farmers through the whole seaweed chain.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize seaweed farming by providing innovative seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing technologies. We bring automation to the market and make seaweed farming simple.

Our focus is on the research and innovation that enable us to develop world-class cultivation systems and equipment for leading seaweed pioneers.