Seaweed Drying: Seaweed Drum Dryer

Our seaweed dryer project showcases a fully automatic and powerful seaweed drum drying equipment that has been customized to meet the specific needs of our client. The drying system offers distinct capacities, allowing for efficient and tailored seaweed drying processes.

The project features an automatic seaweed drying system with a solid and durable filling funnel. Equipped with a built-in electric heater and dehumidifier, the drying temperature is adjustable, ensuring optimal drying conditions. With this system, up to 90% of moisture can be effectively removed from the seaweed.

Operating within a closed ring system, the rotary drum dryer utilizes forced hot airflow circulation. The system consists of a rotating perforated breathable drum designed to accommodate the algae feedstock. An electric heater and fan, integrated into the system, maintain the desired airflow temperature. Moisture is efficiently extracted from the system through a specialized condensing system.

The drying time and temperature are individually adjusted based on the specific characteristics of the seaweed, such as moisture level and structure. The raw material is gently dried as it rotates within the drum, exposed to the flow of hot air.

To preserve the properties of the raw algae material, the drying temperature can be adjusted according to the specific species of the algae. At the end of the set cycle, the dried seaweed is safely discharged from the dryer.

Our seaweed dryer is capable of removing up to 90% of moisture from the raw algae material. The incorporation of heat exchange technology significantly reduces heat energy consumption, contributing to shorter drying cycles and operational cost savings. The dryer can be powered by natural gas, bio-gas, or liquid fuel systems, providing flexibility and efficiency.

The technical specifications of the completed project are as follows:

Total dryer system floor occupation: 7500 x 4000 mm
Total dryer system weight: 3500 kg
Dryer weight: 2100 kg
L x W x H: 5900 x 1550 x 2500 mm
Drum length: 4500 mm
Drum diameter: 1150 mm
Drum tilt angle by hydraulics: +-5 degrees
Drum rotation speed: 3-5 rpm
Motoreducer power: 3 kW
Hydraulic power for drum tilting: 1 kW
Standard heat source for the dryer: electricity, 100 kW
Optional heat source for the dryer: biofuel, oil
Drying time for 50kW capacity: 24h/ 1000kg
Drum volume: 5.2 m3
Loading weight: 1.2 t
Warm air inlet and outlet nozzles: d600 mm
Materials: Drum Stainless steel – AISI316, Frame – Steel S235 powder coated or zinc galvanized
This successfully finished project demonstrates our commitment to delivering customized and efficient solutions for seaweed drying processes.