Cultivation rope for direct seeding

Kuralon blends available

  • Durable PES Construction: Built for long life and reliable strength.
  • Sinking Design: Ensures precise seed depth for optimal germination.
  • Pre-Washed for Efficiency: Norwegian developed protocol removes residual oils
  • Braided Construction (D12mm): Strong, manageable for demanding applications.
    Other diameters available.

Front side

Back side

Optional Features

  • Stitched Eyelets (loops): Secure attachment for deployment. Placement: in the ends
    or custom along the lenght;
  • Pre-Stretched Core (Optional): Minimizes unwanted rope elongation (creeping);
  • Pre-Stretched & Heated Core (Optional): Premium creep mitigation for demanding use;
  • Convenient Packaging Solutions:
    • 100m/10kg Spools: Ideal for small projects or testing;
    • Reusable 300m/30kg Spools: Cost-effective for regular use;
    • Large Spools (up to 4km/400kg): Maximize efficiency in large-scale operations;
    • MOQ: 1000m (samples available upon request).

Proven in lab, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea since 2018

Green sporophytes at day 7

Direct seeded Alaria e. (food grade)

Proven rope washing procedure

Multiple rinsing steps and validation of water quality prior to drying.

1. Step.

2. Step.

3. Step.

4. Step.

Stitched Eyelets (loops):  Secure attachment for deployment. Placement: in the ends or custom along the lenght.

Sirputis Rope Inquiry Configurator

Type of rope (for direct seeding we recommend braided)

Kuralon fibers

Combined rope, which has an outer shell consisting Kuralon and a conventional fiber mix. Core is made of conventional fibers

Washed and dried. During yarn production spinning oils are used. For direct seeding, it is essential to remove any remaining oils. We are monitoring washing procedure carefully and can offer it for you.

Stiched yelets in the ends

Stretching options. Pre-stretched core reduces elasticity of the rope. It is beneficial when maintaining certain distance between rope ends is imporant.

Packaging options