Sirputis JSC is a visionary company established in 2019 with the purpose of transforming the seaweed industry. We focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions for sustainable seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

As part of the Valinor AS portfolio, a Norwegian family-owned investment company that prioritizes sustainable solutions through its investments in renewable energy production, infrastructure, and aquaculture, we are committed to the responsible use of natural resources and environmental protection.

At Sirputis, we are dedicated to advancing the seaweed industry through our expertise in sustainable cultivation, harvesting, and processing technologies. Our unique approach offers comprehensive support for seaweed farmers, from start to finish, to ensure the success and sustainability of their operations.

Our story

Sirputis was founded by a team of visionaries – Morten Kroslid, an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and sustainability, Jonas Kamasauskas, a seasoned engineer with a wealth of expertise in developing cutting-edge technologies, and Gediminas Tamosaitis, an entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful businesses.

The trio initially worked on a few seaweed projects at a Metal Production company, but they quickly realized the potential of this promising industry. They saw an opportunity to make a real impact by providing innovative and sustainable tailored solutions to the seaweed farming industry. They were inspired to take the leap and establish their own company, with a mission to be the leading tailor-made solutions provider for the seaweed industry.

With Metal Production as the backbone and engineering force, Sirputis has been able to bring together a diverse group of partners from different areas of expertise to create a full-service solution for seaweed farmers. From ropes and lines to fully mechanized equipment, Sirputis offers a comprehensive approach to sustainable seaweed cultivation, harvesting, and processing. The company is committed to using technology to help create a thriving and sustainable seaweed industry that can provide significant benefits to communities, economies, and the environment.


Our mission

To empower seaweed farmers and advance the seaweed industry through innovative and sustainable solutions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our vision

To create a world where seaweed cultivation and processing is sustainable, efficient, and profitable for farmers everywhere.

We believe in a future where the ocean provides abundant and nutritious food for people, while also supporting a healthy environment and strong coastal communities. We are dedicated to advancing innovative technologies and practices that make seaweed farming a thriving and essential industry for generations to come.

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