Seaweed Grinding: Semi Automatic Seaweed Grinder

Stainless steel semi-automatic seaweed grinding machine designed to efficiently grind and sift dried algae mass through a sieve.

The main component of the machine is a powerful hammer drum, ensuring effective grinding and processing. 

The hammer mill is specifically designed to reduce the size of the seaweed, allowing for customizable grinding and sieving options. The milling process involves the use of mechanical forces to break down the material, resulting in finely ground particles. The hammer mill utilizes a rotating drum with specially designed hammers mounted on a common axle. The combination of hammer design, shaft rotation speed, and the raw material’s structure ensures the desired product quality.

In addition to seaweed, the mill can also process other dried foods and produce spices. The perforated sieve can be easily replaced to achieve different product structures and particle sizes.

The ground product can be collected manually in a plastic container or bag, while a stand-alone aspiration system ensures a safe working environment. The entire construction is made of AISI316L steel, ensuring durability and hygiene, and is powered by an electric motor.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H): 660 x 550 x 1350 mm
Feed opening dimensions: 97×97 mm
Working height: 700 mm
Product weight: 92 kg
Power: 3 kW
Capacity: 20 kg/h
Particle sizes: 200, 500, and 1000 microns
Material: AISI316L stainless steel
Motor power rating: 3 kW
Certified: CE

Additional options: Ability to attach plastic bags, easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance, pedestal with lockable, swivel wheels.
This project demonstrates our commitment to providing efficient and reliable grinding solutions for seaweed processing.