Seaweed cutting machine

A seaweed cutting machine is a raw seaweed processing equipment built for cutting seaweeds in the required fraction sizes.

  • A simple way to cut seaweeds into slices;
  • Adjustable cutting size and speed;
  • Waterproof box and motor protection cover;
  • Compatible with equipment for scale-up.


    The first step for processing the seaweed is to shred it to reduce size. Specially designed seaweed cutter can shred seaweed into adjustable size peaces for further processing. 

    High-efficiency seaweed cutter is equipped with a waterproof box and waterproof motor protection cover. The main parts of the machine are the housing, conveyor, longitudinal and vertical blades mechanism.

    For longitudinal cutting standard version includes 10, 20, and 50 mm adjustable blades. The seaweeds can be cut in the transverse direction, the obtained fraction can be 10, 20, or 50 mm.

    The machine is intended for cutting seaweed on farms, food, and feed processing plants. The device is made of food processing materials that are resistant to the effects of the environment and the marine climate.

    *For custom order  – more knives and bushings can be assembled to obtain the desired fraction.

    Technical specification

    Total seaweed cutter floor occupation 2650×950 mm
    Total seaweed cutter weight 370 kg
    Length 2650 mm
    Width 950 mm
    Height (adjustable legs) 1300 mm +-50 mm
    Power consumption 4,28 kW
    Capacity 3000 kg/h
    Material AISI316L
    Adjustable cutting size 10×10 mm; 20×20 mm; 50×50 mm
    Waterproof IP67
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