Seaweed conveyor Rolgang


    Specially designed conveyors of various constructions, heights, widths, can be adapted to the different technological processes and production needs of the customer.

    Conveyors are used in logistics, loading/unloading, storage algae collection and processing, and can be integrated into flexible systems and installed on ships. Conveyors can also be used in the production and processing of other marine aquaculture and food products such as potatoes and vegetables to save transfer and transportation time and increase production efficiency. Special drives can be installed to move the conveyors to the required locations.

    Materials, components and drives are selected in accordance with the technical specifications, environmental requirements and applicable standards.

    The roller conveyor can be straight, curved, Z-type and many other shapes with roller rollers and integrated drives.

    The dimensions (L * P * A *) are determined at the initial stage of the order by coordinating the order task.

    In the absence of special requirements, the voltage used is: Three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz.

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